Speakers for 2020

All events take place on the first Tuesday of each month, at the Exit offices, St Mary's St., Fredericton, starting at 7 pm unless otherwise noted.

January 7

We will be having our Postponed Holiday Potluck gathering, so please bring a dish to share and come join us for this social event! We will also be doing the elections for our Board of Directors and a Secretary to complete the 2020 part of the current Exective's term and voting on the amended Club Constitution.

February 4
We are having an open forum to ask any and all questions about beekeeping! Come with any questions you might have and the executive or the membership will discuss. No questions are too small or too strange!


March 3

This month's meeting topic will be on bear fencing for your apiary. Bring your questions and join in the discussion! 

April 7

Meeting cancelled


Meeting Cancelled

June 2

We will be meeting at the CBC building.  Following provincial protocols and social distancing the meeting will consist of how to do a walk away split.  All welcome!

July 7th

We will be meeting at the CBC hives on Regent Street and conducting a Hive Inspection. All welcome!

August 4th

The next CBA meeting will be held at the CBC hives, at the CBC building at the top of Regent Street.  We will be performing different ways of testing for mites. All welcome!

September 1st

We will be doing a demonstration on treating for mites with an Oxyalic Acid Vaporizer as well as an open floor discussion.
We will be meeting at the CBC hives at the top of Regent Street, Fredericton. All welcome!

October 6th

We will be meeting at our usual meeting space at 461 St Mary’s Street, Fredericton (Exit Realty Boardroom). We will be discussing bears. All welcome!

November 3rd

We will be holding our annual Honey Tasting Contest and sampling Honeys of the World.  Please bring a sample of your honey for members to try and vote on. We will be meeting at our usual meeting space at 461 St Mary’s Street, Fredericton (Exit Realty Boardroom).   We will be exercising social distancing. All welcome!

Dec 1st

Meeting cancelled

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