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On this page you'll find information for the beekeeper, from newbees to information that the more experienced beekeeper will find useful.

Beekeeping Calendar 

for NB, Canada


This is a suggested checklist of activities for the beekeeper. Note that weather, climate-change, your individual neighborhood and even the type of bees you have will influence such activities. The list gives you an overview of what's going on each month in the hive. It also suggests some important tasks for the beekeeper, and provides a rough estimate of the amount of time you might spend with your bees during a given month.


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Regulations in NB 

and local bylaws


Every beekeeper, even amateurs, are required to register their bees with the Provincial Apiarist every spring. Although this may seem like invasive government beurocracy, it is for the benefit of all beekeepers, and is free. Once you are registered, the Provincial Apiary Inspector will arrange with you to visit your hives and will provide guidance and advice on how to recognise and avoid disease. 



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Disease/Pest Prevention 

and treatment


No-one wants to use chemicals unnecessarily, either on ourselves or on our bees. This section provides information on treatment options for your bees. A variety of approaches is described. Like many things in beekeeping, you have to review the available information, then decide what works for you.


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Where to start? 

What the beginner
needs to know


We generally recommend new beekeepers don't start off with too many hives, learn and grow with time, but its better to start with two hives than just one. ....


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