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CBA Mission


The mission of the Central Beekeepers Association of New Brunswick is to support, educate, and advocate for beekeepers in order to ensure a vibrant and sustainable beekeeping community in central New Brunswick.



CBA Values


Expansion and development

We are committed to encouraging and supporting new beekeepers in central New Brunswick through education and mentorship in order to develop the beekeeping community.



We are committed to speaking on behalf of all beekeepers in central New Brunswick whether a single hive hobbyist or large commercial beekeepers.



We are committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for everyone with an interest in beekeeping no matter their experience, age, gender or other demographic singularities.


Education and information dissemination

We are committed to provide a platform, either actual or virtual, from which to support the ongoing educational requirements of all beekeepers in order that established best practices as well as encourage new emerging practices.


Environmental responsibility

We are committed to supporting environmentally responsible practices and promoting these practices to our membership and beyond.


Economic success

We are committed to support beekeepers in central NB in successfully producing and marketing honey and other products related to beekeeping.




Meet the CBA...




President: Rob Hughes

Vice President: Matt MacPherson

Secretary: Anik Charbonneau

Treasurer: Marci Gee


Karen Davidge

Linda Speizer

Ashley Watson







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