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Maritime Honey Festival

2018 Honey Contest

Sponsored by Bleuets NB Blueberries






Contest information:

Entry Fee: $5

Submit entry to the Maritime Honey Festival Friday Octoboer 12th or by 1:00pm Saturday October 13th.

Judging date: Saturday, October 13th at 1:00pm


Rules and Regulations


1. All entries must be entered by the beekeeper who has produced the honey from their own apiary.


2. Must be a registered beekeeper and include registration number with submission.

3. Not more than one entry will be accepted from an exhibitor.

4. Honey should be entered in a 500g (375ml) clear glass jar. 

5. All entries must have been produced and bottled with safe food practices in mind (such as for selling at farmer's markets, etc.)

6. No identifying labels will be permitted.

7. Judging will commence at 1:00pm on the afternoon of October 13th. All decisions will be final.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Free of crystals – 20

Cleanliness of honey (no froth, air bubbles, beeswax, bee wings, etc) – 20

Cleanliness of jar and lid – 10

Moisture content – 20

Flavor and aroma – 20

Level of fill – 10

    Total = 100 points

Guest chef judge, Dallas Walsh. 

Dallas is an accomplished chef, currently at the Raddison. He has also worked at the Delta Hotel, Fredericton.  

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